Bengaluru North-East Event

Day 3 of Cryptics- 2018, Information Technology Challenge was held on 27th November, 2018 at Vydehi School of Excellence, Bengaluru.
The competition which aimed at creating awareness in the world of Computer Science was a thrilling experience.
Over 68 teams and 136 students thronged the Vydehi auditorium. The enthusiasm of the students in the preliminary round showed that East and North Zones of Bengaluru were well prepared for this quiz.
The following six teams making it to the finals:
1) WHITEFIELD GLOBAL SCHOOL – Sree Vikram & Aditya.S.S
2) GOPALAN NATIONAL SCHOOL – Adithya Harish & Abishek Jain
3) EKYA SCHOOL – ITPL – Atharv Gupta & Hayagriv Desikan
4) GOPALAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL – Sohan Chakravarthy & Nikita Sree Nambier
5) VYDEHI SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE - Karthik Bhatia & Somesh
6) CAPSTONE HIGH SCHOOL – Hardik Patel & Arnav Shrivastava
The audience were in rapt attention as they witnessed the battle progress from the Inquisitive round to The Buzz it.
With a few clever strikes, team from GOPALAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL went ahead to win the 1st position.
GOPALAN NATIONAL SCHOOL at the second .The tensed tie breaker was very short lived with team from WHITEFIELD GLOBAL SCHOOL emerging as the third winner.