Vision / Mission


Cryptics - Information Technology Challenge aspires to be a Nationally recognized top ranking quiz competition in the field of Computer Science.
We endeavour to create an empowered community of life long learners who are able to appreciate and understand the cross cultural global networking of knowledge with the necessary skills,attitudes and competencies to face the challenges of the 21 st Century


Cryptics – Information Technology Challenge is committed to providing a safe, supportive learning environment that promotes excellence in learning and allows students to develop, cultivate and enhance self-confidence, technical skills, critical thinking abilities, appropriate work ethics, professionalism, personal discipline and leadership.

We further aim to provide each student with purposeful training to foster the development of appropriate personal values, motivation, self respect, responsibility and accountability.

Also, to search and develop new software packages which contribute in the progress of nation. We also aim at creating facilities and expertise in advanced computer technology, thereby, promoting research. Above all, we work towards inducing ethical values and a spirit of social commitment amongst the students.