Curriculum(Grade 5 to 8)

  • MS Excel(Charts, Functions ), MS Word (Advance shortcuts)
  • Stepwise thinking( algorithms), Computer Languages (Binary , High Level)
  • Programming Language (Loops), Operating Systems
  • Animation software(Pencil), Multimedia, Memories (Cache, Buffers)
  • Computer threats and precautions, Networking and E-Commerce
  • Database Software(MS Access or Base), Flowcharts
  • Cyber Space, Wireless terminologies ( WIFI, WLAN etc)
  • ASCII, EBCDIC , ISCII coding
  • Basics of Programming language (Loops- for, while), Number System
  • Basic HTML commands with their attributes.
  • Issues of cyber security, preventive measures
  • History of Computers(Generations), Windows Explorer ( files creation and modification)
  • Storage Devices, Multimedia terms, Basic Internet Terminologies.
  • Net Etiquettes, Ways to surf information.
  • Computer memory (RAM, ROM), Storage devices
  • Networking Topologies, Cloud Storage, Logic gates
  • Programming Concepts, Data structures, arrays, Databases
  • IT companies, brands, apps, software, mobile, current affairs in IT, personalities in the field of IT among other things related to the world of Information Technology.

Sample Questions

Note: 50% of the questions will be asked from the given syllabus and 50 % will be asked from current topics and other miscellaneous topics in the field of Information Technology

I. Syllabus Questions

1. ________________ keys are used to double underline the text .

a. Crtl + U

b. Ctrl+Shift+D

c. Ctrl + Shift +G

d. Ctrl + Alt+ D

2. An exception is __

a. Runtime error

b. Compile time error

c. Logical error

d. None of the above

3. A __________ gate gives the output as 1 only if all the inputs signals are 1.

a. AND

b. OR

c. XOR

d. NOR

4. Files that maintain the hierarchical structure of the file system.

a. Descriptors

b. Directories

c. Modifiers

d. Relative files

5. .________ is a way to convert data from a different format and copy it in to MS-Access

a. Importing

b. Linking

c. Database

d. Address

6. What is SSL?

a. Secure Sockets Layer

b. Secure Slide Line

c. Second Socket Layer

d. Secure Socket Line

7. Which Key Do You Press To Force A Page Break?

a. Ctrl + break

b. Ctrl + alt

c. Ctrl +enter

d. None of the above

8. Device used to translate programming language into machine code is classified as

a. assembler

b. inverter

c. operator

d. reversal

II. Miscellaneous Questions from the IT field

9. img/clip_image002.jpg

Identify this software from a famous company?

a. Renderman from Pixar

b. Photoshop from Adobe

c. 3D Studio Max from Autodesk, Inc

d. CorelDraw from Corel Corporation

10. Which is the parent company of the online shopping site

a. Amazon

b. Flipkart

c. Alibaba

d. Reliance

11. Which group in India owns Computational Research Laboratories?


b. Reliance

c. IIT


12. ID - Person and what is he famous for?


a. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

b. Jimmy Wales, Co-founder of Wikipedia

c. Tim Berner Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web

d. Michael Dell, Founder of Dell

13. Author of the book "The Road Ahead"?

a. Mark Zuckerberg

b. Steve Jobs

c. Bill Gates

d. Linus Torvalds

14. Which country has the largest Facebook audience according to the latest reports?

a. Russia

b. China

c. India

d. USA

15. What is the name of the application developed by the Government of India to pay taxes on mobile?

a. Aaykar Setu

b. Aadhar App

c. KYC-India

d. IT India

16. Identify this guy who is the current CEO of Mozilla


a. Tim Cook

b. Jeff Bezos

c. David Wichmann

d. Chris Beard